Bauer Nutrition Reviews – Must Read First Before You Order!

1. Bauer Nutrition and Review of Capsiplex

Bauer Nutrition is a health supplement company that aims to produce the best products in the market that will help its clients get optimum results for losing weight, building their bodies, caring for their skin and hair, defeating aging, and supporting overall health.

Bauer Nutrition products usually include natural ingredients such as green coffee extract, raspberry ketone, garcinia extract, and capsicum extract.

These supplements are rich in protein, L-glutamine, creatine, and other vitamins and minerals that enhance metabolism, help manage appetite and increase one’s energy for wellness and health.

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Capsiplex for Weight Loss

Capsiplex is one of the popular health supplements developed by Bauer Nutrition. It is a clinically proven weight loss management and pro-slimming supplement that performs the following:

  • Reduces one’s appetite
  • Improves the metabolism
  • Burns calories
  • Enhances one’s mood and sleep patterns

Made from capsicum extract from hot red chili peppers, Capsiplex is an effective weight loss supplement that causes an individual to sweat off excess fat—a process called thermo

Capsiplex Review, Ingredients & Coupon

genesis. This effect boosts metabolic activities which convert stored fat into usable energy, making weight loss quite effortless yet very efficient.

Capsiplex can be taken not as a medication but as a food supplement. It contains the following natural components that will help you achieve your weight goals without putting your health in danger. It is good to be aware of what you are taking in and what benefits each component has on your weight and your overall health.

  • Capsicum Annum L ­– This component reduces your instinctive craving and boosts your metabolism, allowing your body to convert body fats and burn calories. 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – This component increases the body’s natural oxidation and lipolysis as well as the ability to improve energy. Caffeine anhydrous is also known to cause the body to rest and concentrate better. 
  • Bioperine – This component from Piper Nigum allows the body to take in nutrients better and inhibits other enzymes to create a balanced optimal absorption. 
  • Niacin – More popularly known as Vitamin B3, this component helps the body release energy from the carbohydrate intake, as well as from stored fats and proteins. Vitamin B3 is also known to improve healthy levels of cholesterol. 
  • Magnesium and Brown Rice Flour – These components are included in Capsiplex to bring added energy through healthy ingredients. 
  • Stearate­ – This component curbs appetite, inhibits stored fats, and reduces fat absorption, causing weight loss. 

Advantages of Capsiplex 

Capsiplex is prevalent primarily because it is very affordable, unlike other weight loss pills in the market. On top of that, this fantastic food supplement offers the following benefits:

  • Boosts metabolic rates, allowing you to be more physically active
  • Reduces body fats and converts them into energy to be used for more useful activities such as exercise
  • Increases your energy expenditure which means that you will develop leaner body mass instead of stored fat
  • Suppresses your cravings and controls your appetite for sweets and high-carbohydrate foods
  • Burns more caloric count than other diet supplements can
  • Reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  • Increases your body’s endurance
  • Helps sharpen the mind

One of the main issues when it comes to weight loss is controlling one’s cravings. People will feel bad as they try to curb their appetites, and their conscience becomes their enemy. Then they give up the fight and give in to satisfy their cravings and no longer keep their weight under control. However, with Capsiplex, you can eat anything that you like and not worry about overeating because you will feel satiated most of the time. This reduces the guilty feeling. You naturally don’t want to eat more than you should as you will develop minimal to zero appetites for foods that make you fat.

By taking Capsiplex as a food supplement, you don’t have to miss meals and feel guilty about it intentionally. You can lose weight quickly even as you maintain the same lifestyle that you have.

Capsiplex gives your body enough energy for your daily activities and takes away the fatigue that is usually experienced by people who are obese or have weight problems. You can even do rigorous workouts if you like, but if you don’t feel like it, you will still lose weight and get in shape. Since Capsiplex cuts off your fats quickly and effectively, you will have more consumed calories to dispense and thus have greater physical endurance. You can use this increased energy for engaging in physical activities that keep you healthy.

On top of all these fantastic weight loss benefits, Capsiplex is also known to keep your body young and your cells healthy. Because it contains natural ingredients, this supplement boosts the bioavailability in your bodily organs and can enhance your mind, memory, and concentration.  It also improves the quality of your sleep and makes you more alert. More than ensuring weight loss and slimming, Capsiplex can improve your overall health and general well-being.

Recommended Dosage, Directions, and Side Effects

It is recommended that you take one capsule of Capsiplex in the morning. If you are on a workout plan, then you should take a capsule before your routine. If you have a physically active lifestyle, you are sure to lose as many as 20 to 28 kilograms in the first week alone, increasing as you progress.

Since Capsiplex is made from all-natural ingredients, it is generally safe to use. However, it is best to consult with a physician before taking Capsiplex in any form, especially if you are pregnant, lactating, or have health conditions. The capsicum components in Capsiplex are also known to cause some stomach problems and discomfort, especially if you are taking other medications. Other side effects include dizziness, headaches, and mild nausea. 

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It is Time to be Fit and Fab

Are you feeling heavy and often tired and moody? It is time to be fit and healthy by shedding those unwanted pounds and getting the body you’ve always wanted. You are meant to enjoy life and be happy! Be wise in choosing weight loss products. Get the best one that will not only help you slim down but also improve your energy and your mood. Your health and wellness matter!


2. Forskolin 250 Review

Forskolin 250 Reviews

No matter how motivated you are to lose weight, sometimes you do need that extra push. Getting started is usually the toughest part because you wouldn’t know where to begin. Or if you’re already eating right and exercising regularly and you’re still not losing those stubborn fats, it can get frustrating. If you’re either one of these people, it is time to get the help you need. Bauer Nutrition is here to ensure that you start on a safe and successful journey to health and wellness.

With over a decade of experience, Bauer Nutrition aims to help people achieve their goals using high quality, 100% pharmaceutical grade products that are results of years of research. These products range from supplements for weight loss, sports nutrition, beauty, and general health. Aside from their secured payment methods, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. But their job does not stop with giving you the supplements you need. They understand that you need beyond that.

Bauer Nutrition is committed to helping you achieve your goal by being there every step of the way. Customer care is their priority. They will provide you with a team of nutrition experts, fitness professionals, and health consultants. These experts will serve as your guides on all aspects of achieving a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and nutrition, optimal exercise, and general well-being.

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All-In-One Weight Loss Solution

Forskolin 250 review

Some people are still hesitant about supplements because they think that supplements are substitutes for vitamins and minerals. They are not; supplements are enhancers that give more to you without taking anything away. They add that extra push that you have been missing if you have not been losing weight the way you want to. In particular, Bauer Nutrition offers Forskolin 250, which is an all-in-one weight loss solution.

Benefits of Forskolin 250

Forskolin is one of the most effective and sought after weight loss supplements in the market today. Its popularity skyrocketed in the past five years, being sold out in drugstores all across the United States. Nutrition experts recommend it to their clients. In turn, thousands of people who have used the product can’t stop raving about the benefits Forskolin has provided them.

Forskolin 250 comes from a natural ingredient found in the roots of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. It is part of the mint family and is grown in countries like India, Nepal, and Thailand. It has been used in Asia since ancient times for the treatment of heart disorders like high blood pressure and chest pains. It can also be used to relieve respiratory problems like asthma. Forskolin relaxes the muscles of the bronchial tube, which makes breathing easier for patients.

Other health benefits of Forskolin, although still unsupported by studies, include the treatment of glaucoma in the eyes, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, bladder infections, blood clots, and even insomnia. But the most popular benefit of Forskolin is the promotion of weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Forskolin works by encouraging the production of cAMP, which is a molecule that tells your body to increase an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). HSL sends your cells into fat-breaking overdrive which will make your fat loss journey easy and quick. Often, our body has stored fat for so long that getting rid of it becomes next to impossible. The active ingredient in Forskolin 250 targets these stored fats that diet and exercise are not able to reach.

Aside from fat burning, Forskolin 250 also does its job on your thyroid glands. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, which is a known factor for successful weight loss. The higher metabolism you have, the faster you will burn calories. The quicker you burn calories, the easier you will lose weight. With this, Forskolin 250 offers long term effects because once you’ve developed a high metabolism, it will be easier for you to retain your lean body mass. 

Pros, Cons, and Side Effects

Forskolin 250’s most significant advantage is that it delivers fast results. Some users have reported losing as much as 10 pounds within a week of intake. Another thing is that it’s safe and natural, unlike some weight loss supplements. The con is that it is relatively expensive, with a single bottle good for one month priced at $54.95. But do not worry about your wallet because Bauer Nutrition offers these promos: buy two get one free, and buy three get three open.

A side effect of Forskolin is that it can cause low blood pressure, which is as dangerous as high blood pressure. For people with a history of heart disorders, caution is advised because Forskolin could make their condition worse. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, they should stay on the safe side and avoid using Forskolin at all.

How to Take Forskolin 250

A bottle of Forskolin 250 contains 60 250mg capsules which should be taken twice a day during mealtime. A study in 2005 showed that those who took this supplement daily for 12 weeks lost more body fat and gained a leaner body mass than those who did not.

Forskolin 250 Review: Conclusion

The effectiveness of Forskolin does not lie in its components alone, but also through the lifestyle it promotes. According to users, their appetites became suppressed, and they no longer eat as much as they used to. This is something you should always keep in mind if you want to try Forskolin 250. In addition to taking two pills a day, you must combine this with proper diet and exercise.

But be careful where you buy your Forskolin because there are fraudulent manufacturers who produce brands with no active ingredient. Only buy from trustworthy companies such as Bauer Nutrition, which uses only premiere quality Forskolin.

Remember that you are not alone in your journey towards safe and healthy weight loss. If you need a product that is right for you, contact Bauer Nutrition by visiting their website. They take pride in their top-notch customer service and make it easy for you to live a happy and healthy life you always wanted.

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3. Review of Proactol XS

Proactol XS is a weight management supplement made to help people lose weight. The ingredients contained within each Proactol XS pill bind with the fats in the body and flush them out. It also curbs hunger and boosts metabolism. It can help you feel fuller by slowing down your digestion.

Proactol Plus works by using two different fiber components, each with its unique role in helping you lose weight. The first fiber component is the soluble fiber which can be easily absorbed by the body. These soluble fibers combine with fat molecules and then produce a thick substance that aids in slowing down the digestion process. The thick substance stays inside the stomach longer than other foods, so your stomach takes a longer time to digest it. This makes you feel fuller for longer. It tricks your mind into thinking there is still a substantial amount of food inside your stomach, so it doesn’t trigger your hunger receptors.

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The soluble fiber is also said to slow down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream. The way this works is that instead of absorbing glucose as soon as it gets into the bloodstream, the absorption of glucose happens over a more extended period, so you don’t crave sugar or other sugary foods as often. Your brain thinks that there is still more glucose to be absorbed, so it doesn’t make you feel that you need to eat more.

The second fiber component of Proactol XS is the insoluble fiber. Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber does not get absorbed quickly by the body. These fibers that were not absorbed would eventually go out of the body as waste. The insoluble fiber component of Proactol XS is said to be able to bind with the fat contained within the stomach. Once they are bound together, the insoluble fiber and the fat create large complexes that the body is unable to break down. The body then flushes out these insoluble fibers, and they take the fat with them.

The main weight reducing ingredient in Proactol XS is the Opuntia Ficus Indica which is otherwise known as the prickly pear. The prickly pear belongs to the cactus plant’s species and is said to have appetite-suppressing components. It was also believed that people from ancient times used the prickly pear to curb their appetites. Studies have shown that adding this to your diet can increase the amount of fat that you can excrete.

The ingredients used in making Proactol XS are not synthetic, so it is safe for consumption. This makes it safe for vegetarians, as well. Proactol XS does not contain any artificial coloring, artificial chemicals, irritants, or ingredients that could cause allergic reactions. Just make sure that you follow the directions and the right dosage when taking these pills.

Taking Proactol XS is an effective way to lose weight, especially when combined with proper diet and exercise. The ingredients contained within each pill aids in the weight loss process by taking the fat out of the body. The occasional side effects of taking Proactol XS include increased loose stools, most likely because of the amount of fat being excreted. Flatulence is another side effect because of the more extended period that it takes for you to digest food. However, some people reported not experiencing any side effects at all. If you find that you are experiencing other side effects that are not included in the information on the box of each set of pills, discontinue the use of the product.

Taking Procatol Plus daily will help suppress your appetite and your food intake as long as you make sure that the foods that you eat are healthy and not junk. Increase your exercise time and eat foods that are low in fat. Enlist the help of a buddy to get you exercising and eating healthy. Make exercise fun by engaging in sports like tennis or basketball. Think of ways to make your exercise routine more satisfying so you won’t have to force yourself to stick to it. The more fun you have while you are exercising, the more you are motivated to continue. Remove temptation by throwing away all the junk food that’s hiding in your cupboards and drawers. You’re always going to be tempted to eat them if you know that they are just a few steps away. Do all these and take Proactol XS so you’ll surely lose weight in no time.

Proactol XS comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, return the pills that you have not yet consumed, and you will be reimbursed. The full details of the money-back guarantee are available on the website.


Bauer Nutrition is a part of Buyyo Ltd. Buyyo Ltd proudly produces high-quality supplements, and it has been one of the most trusted names in the supplements industry for more than a decade. It is also one of the leading supplements providers in the UK.

The supplements that they provide are manufactured according to the prescribed Food and Drug Administration standards so that you are sure to get the best quality supplements. The ingredients used in making these supplements are 100% pharmaceutical grade, making it safe for consumption.

All the formulas used in making these supplements have gone through extensive research to ensure that you get the most effective product and the best possible results.

Bauer Nutrition strives to give its customers 100% satisfaction from the moment they visit the company website. They make sure that each shopping experience is pleasant and easy for the customers.

The people behind Bauer Nutrition believe that every customer’s goal is also their goal. Owning the goal means that they will help you achieve it every step of the way. They believe that your success equates to Bauer’s success as well.

With each purchase, you get to have access to Bauer’s team of nutrition experts and take advantage of their knowledge of healthy living. You get more value for your money when you buy from Bauer Nutrition. Your satisfaction is their priority. Bauer Nutrition is happy to serve its customers, and they look forward to helping them for years to come.

4. Meratol Review: A New Approach to Weight Loss

How can you differentiate between the effective and bogus weight loss supplements available in the market today? The safe answer is that you couldn’t be sure. The main reason for this is that dietary supplements can work differently for each person. But there is a somewhat reliable way of assessing a dietary supplement’s likelihood to be effective. That way is by looking at its manufacturer or brand.

True, a manufacturer’s name and brand status can be faked through excellent marketing skills nowadays. But most of the time, a manufacturer’s longevity lends credence to their product’s effectiveness. This is an area where Bauer Nutrition leads in.

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Meratol Diet Pills Review and Coupon Code

Bauer Nutrition Overview

Bauer Nutrition is the online arm of food supplement manufacturer Buyyo Ltd. is the official website of Buyyo Ltd, a leading maker of dietary supplements in the world for more than ten years now. At this time, Buyyo Ltd manufactures proprietary blends of sports nutrition, beauty, general health, and weight loss supplements. The company is based in Cyprus.

One of its best-selling products is Meratol, a weight loss supplement. If you have been dieting and working out for most of your adult life without seeing satisfactory results, Meratol is your go-to dietary supplement.

What Is Meratol?

Meratol is a weight loss dietary supplement sold at It is classified as an advanced weight management complex and carbohydrate blocker since it works primarily by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates from the food you eat. Most dieters may be familiar with carbohydrates as the building block of fat in our body. If carbohydrate absorption is decreased, the fat formation will also be reduced.

Meratol is available in the form of capsules taken orally daily.

How Does Meratol Work?

The human body creates typically fat cells through the carbohydrates in the food that a person eats. The more food is eaten, the more carbs there are to be stored in the body. Over time, this results in weight gain.

If you want to stop or keep weight gain at bay, you should control your food intake and develop other ways to burn off those carbohydrates before they are transformed into fat. There are several ways to do this, and most weight-loss food supplements only address one or two of the ways to achieve weight loss.

When taking Meratol, weight loss is achieved in four ways with the help of the four main ingredients found in this supplement. First, the Cacti-Nea powder component prevents water retention and bloating. Second, nopal (cactus extract) and caffeine act by reducing your appetite and food cravings. Then, the substance Ascophyllum Nodusum increases the body’s metabolism, which in turn further helps in the elimination of body fat. Lastly, Medicago Sativa speeds up your digestion and thus helping burn more calories.

This four-pronged approach to weight loss makes Meratol a fast-acting dietary supplement since it covers most aspects concerned with weight reduction.

More Benefits of Meratol

Aside from the weight loss, here are other benefits you can take get when taking Meratol health supplements:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • More Regular Daily Elimination Process
  • Be More Alert and Focused
  • Faster Metabolic Rate

Meratol Ingredients

Each capsule of Meratol consists of one serving size of the food supplement. Some of the ingredients were mentioned earlier but here is a list of all ingredients with matching quantities: Ascophyllum nodosum, 316 mg; Nopal, 200 mg; Cactinea powder, 66 mg; Medicago Sativa L, 45 mg; anhydrous caffeine, 25 mg.

Each capsule is also made up of a 125 mg gelatin shell, magnesium stearate and rice flour mixture.

How to Take Meratol

Meratol is taken orally. Two capsules every morning with your breakfast and a glass of water. It should not be taken before bedtime since it contains caffeine and will thus make sleeping difficult.

If you are taking other prescription medications, it is best to consult your physician first before taking Meratol. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children are not advised to take this supplement.

Meratol Cheapest Price

Orders made on are discounted, and they are also shipped anywhere in the world for free.

A single bottle of Meratol costs typically $56.71, but you can purchase this at a discounted rate of $54.95 only.

If you plan to buy multiple bottles, you can avail of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo for $109.90. Or you can also get the Buy 3 Get 3 Free promo for only $164.85. This saves you up to $175.41! Amazing, right? These promotions are the best-taken advantage of if you want to stock up on the product or if you are purchasing the supplements with your friends.

A bottle of Meratol contains 60 capsules, and this is good for 30 days or one-month consumption.

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Before Purchasing

The company’s 60-day customer guarantee covers each online purchase of Meratol. This means that if you are not thrilled with the product or if you are not satisfied with results, you can return the unused bottles within 67 days from receiving the supplements and you will be refunded (not including the return shipping and handling fees). Refunds are processed through our customer service team whom you can email at

Having a money-back customer guarantee speaks a lot about Bauer Nutrition’s commitment to its customer base. This also speaks to the company’s confidence that their products work.

Final Thoughts on Meratol

Meratol is formulated to help address one of the most common health and body-image concerns of an adult today. And that is having excessive weight. Bauer Nutrition developed Meratol as a safe alternative for most people. However, taking food supplements alone is not enough to let you achieve your ideal body weight. You will also need to exercise and eat the right kinds of food to achieve that.

There is no short cut to healthy weight loss. What Meratol can do is make your weight loss journey safer and more bearable while combining it with proper diet and exercise.

So are you now ready to speed up your weight loss with Meratol?

5. Unique Hoodia Review – Bauer Nutrition Pride

One of the best ways to find a good supplement producer is to do your homework.  That means you have to find relevant information about how a company produces its supplements.

So when you go to that company’s website or search for information elsewhere, focus on things like how they harvest their herbs, how they perform product quality control, the kind of side effects their products cause on consumers and so on.   Next to that is the question of whether they are faking consumers or not.  Are they honest?  What’s on the label?  Is it the same as what is contained in the pills?  Ask this type of question.

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Unique Hoodia Review & Coupon Code

How About Bauer Nutrition?

One supplement company worth your strictest scrutiny is the Bauer Nutrition.  Check it out and see for yourself if this company fits the bill or meet the requirement above or your very own set of requirements.

Most users claim that it does.  Bauer Nutrition is even exceeding expectations.  Proof to that is the ton of positive reviews Bauer received from consumers.   Their products are guaranteed 100% natural and not less than the most uncompromising health experts and associations attest to how this company adheres to standards of safety and policies set by authorities.  It’s time to give one of their gem products a review – the Unique Hoodia, a weight loss supplement that’s working miracles on almost everyone who has tried it.

What’s Unique Hoodia?

Unique Hoodia is made from South African hoodia Gordonii, which is a type of cactus.  It is a plant that can suppress hunger, which means that it is quite valuable as weight loss management aid.  Some people went as far as consuming the plant parts raw or included them as ingredients in their dishes.  That produced for them results, but since they were not sure or did not have scientific backing to believe without a doubt that it was doing them good and not harm, eventually they gave it up.

Fortunately, for them and other people as well, hoodia is now marketed as the main ingredient in dietary pills.  Here’s the difference.  There is no scientific backup for the use of hoodia.  Experts found that hoodia contains a chemical that tells the body that it’s full, so it can cut portions in cravings that people usually experience.

Positive Reviews

There are tons and tons of reviews out there from people sharing their experiences with Unique Hoodia.  You may find a little number of negative reviews, but they only talk about minor side effects.  Just in case it happens that you experience adverse side effects, there’s a recourse to that.  Call the company and return them to the product.  It comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.  It’s a win-win deal for all those who will try it.

100% Natural

Unique Hoodia is by far different from other products that use Hoodia.  For one, it contains only natural ingredients.  There are no fillers, or preservatives, or synthetic chemicals. The hoodia that it provides is 100% pure.  Above all, it contains Bioperine, which ensures that hoodia will be absorbed faster by the body and makes it more effective.

Benefits of Bioperine

Nutrition Bauer is just so smart that they included Bioperine in the formulation of the Unique Hoodia.  Bioperine enhances thermogenesis, the process that quickens absorption and utilization of nutrients.  Thermogenesis, according to experts, is, therefore, the most crucial factor to be considered when it comes to weight loss.  Here are other functions of Bioperine in promoting human health.

  • Bioperine helps the body fight against joint pain, fatigue, and stroke.
  • It increases the production of vitamin B6, Coenzyme Q10, selenium, and vitamin C in the body.  Selenium and vitamin C are known to be powerful antioxidants.

With Bioperine present in the Unique Hoodia formulation, the absorption rate is increased by 30%.  For every pill of Unique Hoodia, there are 1485 mg of hoodia and 15 mg of Bioperine.

How Does Unique Hoodia Work?

In a nutshell, the primary action of Unique Hoodia is to help signal the brain that the body is full, which is fantastic if you’re trying to lose just a few pounds, or maintain weight.  You’ll be taking fewer calories than before.

This particular formulation isn’t going to make you feel uncomfortable to the point where you lose the motivation to get up from the bed or to start your work.  There are no adverse side effects, which will encourage you to continue using it until your weight-loss has been reached.  The no-adverse side-effect advantage is because the company made sure nothing there is synthetic or harmful to the body.

This formulation is the fastest absorbed of its kind due to the addition of Bioperine.  Reviews say that results can be seen in as fast as one month.  It depends on your body chemistry and the severity of your condition.  If there is not so much weight to lose, you’ll see results within one month as others did.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

Unique Hoodia is recommended explicitly to those:

  • Who have trouble shedding their last bit of stubborn extra weight – The product works explicitly by suppressing hunger.  With the appetite being controlled, you will be eating a lesser amount of food.  This, in turn, will give your body that extra room for it to be able to burn extra calories and fats.
  • Who feel less energetic when they eat less – With Unique Hoodia, nothing like this will happen to you.  The formulation has been designed in such a way that users will not be depleted of their energy.  Aside from the energy that will come from your food, there will be the provision of energy that will come from the fats that Unique Hoodia will be burn.  Just make sure that you don’t overdose on the pills.

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Discount Promos

Be ready to tell your friends and colleagues about this.  If they are interested and you can pool in money together to purchase Unique Hoodia in bulk, you may be able to avail of special discounts.

Unique Hoodia Review & Coupon Code

6. Nuratrim Review: The Gift to Good Health from Bauer Nutrition

Bauer Nutrition is a reputable company selling various supplements and products for wealth loss, general health, sports, and beauty concerns.

What Is Nuratrim?

Among the popular weight control products made by Bauer Nutrition is Nuratrim, a diet pill.

Nuratrim Diet Pills Review

What Is the Nuratrim promise?

Losing weight is now made easy with Nuratrim.

The powerful combination of its four main ingredients—Glucomannan, Capsicum Extract, Licorice Extract, and Green Coffee Extract—works in 4 ways:

  • Burns fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Limits calorie intake
  • Increases energy levels

There is no need for you to change your lifestyle drastically. There is no need for intense physical exercise. There is no need to change your diet plan. Just take this fat burning pill and watch yourself shed those unwanted pounds.

How Does It Work?

Taking a daily dose of Nuratrim will increase your metabolism and also cut down your calorie intake by as much as 20%.

As mentioned above, while it is not a must for you to change your lifestyle drastically, it is still best to eat healthy food and get some physical exercise to maximize the benefits you get from Nuratrim.

You need not worry about feeling lazy or lethargic to get some physical activity done because this magic pill can also boost your energy levels. You will be motivated to get to your feet and move your body.

And, the best part, like all other products made by Bauer Nutrition, Nuratrim is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is Nuratrim Just Media Hype?

Launched in the United States in October 2011 and December 2011 in the United Kingdom, Nuratrim created quite a stir. In its early stages, it sold more than 50,000 units. It was a huge overnight success. Famous singer Jennifer Lopez and celebrity Kim Kardashian were among the international personalities who jumped on the bandwagon and started using the Nuratrim early on. With that kind of marketing publicity, Nuratrim was enthusiastically received by the buying public.

Nuratrim endorser Gemma Merna, an English actress, and model, claimed to have lost ½ stone by using the product. She added that Nuratrim got her ready for her wedding in 2012 (She is best known in the UK for portraying the role of Carmel Valentine in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks from 2006 to 2014.).

How Does Nuratrim Help One to Lose Weight?

First off, Nuratrim contains Glucomannan (200 mg), Capsicum Extract (200 mg), Licorice Extract (200 mg), and Green Coffee Extract (250 mg). 

When digested, Glucomannan, also known as Konjacmannan, swells and absorbs up to 200 times its weight. It acts as an appetite suppressant. It makes you feel full, thus helping you take in fewer calories and eventually lose weight.

A popular natural slimming ingredient is Capsicum Extract, which comes from the Chili family. It is used to boost metabolism, thus aiding in burning calories. It works best when coupled with physical exercise.

Capsicum Extract and Licorice Extract work by enhancing your metabolism and by boosting your energy to burn more fats during physical exercise. Other health benefits of Licorice Extract include lower levels of bad cholesterol. With lower body fat, you get a lower body mass index, thus, effectively managing your weight.

The presence of another natural ingredient, Green Coffee Extract, helps the body properly absorb and utilize glucose. Note that proper absorption and utilization of glucose translates to lower body fat.

An initial study made on this extract showed that daily intake in high-dosage resulted in considerable weight loss after four weeks.

Licorice Extract and Green Coffee extract, when combined, speed up your metabolism to burn off fat and give you the energy to help amplify your body’s fat-burning ability while doing any form of physical exercise.

Are the Ingredients 100% Natural?

The product is safe for daily intake as it is made from all-natural ingredients. 

What Are Its Side Effects?

Nuratrim has no side effects as observed during clinical trials. There are no amphetamines or other dangerous chemicals commonly used in diet pills. All ingredients are 100% natural.

However, those suffering from heart disease are advised to see their doctor before taking the pill (or any dietary supplement for that matter).

Take note that two of its ingredients – caffeine and chili may cause minor discomfort. Caffeine content may interfere with your sleeping pattern, while chili extract, a fat-burning ingredient, may cause you hot flushes during the day.

Some consumers reported having experienced a bloated sensation. This should not be a cause for concern as this may be attributed to its main ingredient, Glucomannan. Experiencing such a feeling only validates the effectiveness of the product.

This product is not intended for the consumption of those younger than 18 years old. Also, this pill is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. 

Does It Work Fast?

Take note of products that promise you overnight success. Such claims are too good to be true, and the products that boast of such are often unsafe. A healthy way to lose weight is to instead reach and maintain your weight loss goals at a slow pace. 

How to Take Nuratrim?

Take one capsule a day with a glass of water during breakfast. It is still best to eat healthily and start exercising regularly to get faster and better results. One bottle of Nuratrim can last you for a month. 

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