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Because of different personal and health reasons, many men seek for a legit and safe way to make their penises become larger and longer. Though there is a lot of male enhancement products available out there, only a few stands out for their effectiveness and safety of use. One of those few products is Phallosan Forte.

This article will answer and discuss the most frequently asked questions about the product, including Phallosan Forte discount details from the legit online manufacturer and seller. A short Phallosan Forte review will also be featured as a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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What Is Phallosan Forte and How Does It Work?

Phallosan Forte is a stretching device that is used for penis straightening and penis enlargement. Though any guy who wishes to achieve a larger penis and longer erection can use it, the device is designed to help men who are afflicted with certain conditions that affect their sexual function. In other words, Phallosan Forte is an extender with a true purpose other than simply enlarging and elongating the penis.

Swiss Sana, a German company, is the maker of Phallosan Forte. The device was designed based on the principle that the consistent application of gentle stretching on a body part causes the body to reproduce more cells as a way of coping up with the stretching tension or force. This boost in cellular regeneration causes the affected body part to build more skin and muscle, thus making it longer and larger in size.

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This is a physiologic phenomenon that has been proven by many traditional or tribal body modification practices from around the world. One good example is the Kayan neck stretching, wherein Myanmar’s Kayan women wear brass coils around their necks to elongate them as a process of beautification. The gradual increase of the neck coils causes the collarbone to move down and the neck muscle and skin to stretch and extend in order to accommodate more coils and make the modified body part become longer and more slender.

It is true that the particular practice is considered a form of mutilation, but it is because it causes permanent deformity to the neck and collar bones. However, it does prove that the muscles and skin around the modified neck did extend and elongate. The penis, compared to the neck, has no bones; so to make it larger and longer, it only needs to grow more muscles and skin. Therefore, the principle of applying a consistent stretching force or tension to encourage muscle and skin growth is safe and functionally effective for the penis, and in a permanent way.

Phallosan Forte is designed to be used consistently for at least 6 months to achieve the desired results. This is because Phallosan Forte is not a “get bigger and longer in two weeks or months” scheme. The device applies only a gentle stretching tension to the penis—a process that delivers results slowly but surely. Much like a corrective brace or splint, this device works in a way that “assists” the body to grow in the right way, and in the right length of time, and not “forcing” it to become something unusually distorted within a short period of time.

This manner of functionality is what makes Phallosan Forte a distinctively safe and trusted penis extender product. It is no wonder that Phallosan Forte is one of the very few penis extender brands approved by the FDA. 

What Conditions Does Phallosan Forte Help Resolve?

As mentioned, Phallosan Forte is designed to help men cope with certain conditions that affect their sexual function. These conditions include:

  • Penis Deviation – This condition comes in two forms—Innate Incurvate Penis and Acquired Incurvate Penis or Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP)—which both cause a noticeable deviation in the direction of penile growth. Penis deviation makes the penis look bent and can cause pain during intercourse. Phallosan Forte can be used to correct the deviation by gradually stretching the bent penis to straighten out.
  • Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction – Diabetes can cause poor quality of blood circulation to peripheral organs and body parts. When there is not enough blood circulating to the penis, erection becomes difficult to achieve and thus cause declined sexual activity and interest. Phallosan Forte, by stretching the penis, helps improve blood flow to penile muscles and increase sexual drive.
  • Prostate surgery – Phallosan Forte aids in post operative recovery from prostate surgery by improving blood circulation through stretching and maintaining sexual function through erectile training.
  • Retractio Penis – When a man is obese or overweight, the accumulation of fat around their genital area causes the penis to become smaller by retracting into the fat tissues. To help prevent the penis from retracting while weight loss (the most recommended solution) is not yet achieved, Phallosan Forte can be used to draw the penis out by gently and constantly stretching it out.

Aside from aiding these clinical conditions, Phallosan Forte can also help those who have small penises to increase their genital’s size and improve their confidence in their sexual performance. 

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How Is Phallosan Forte Used?

The Phallosan Forte kit contains the following device parts:

  • Elastic belt with buckle, foam ring and suction bell adapter
  • Suction bells of different sizes (S, M and L) with condom sleeves
  • Suction ball with three-way valve
  • Tension clip
  • Tension spring attachment
  • Protector cap

The device is completely assembled by wearing them. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Put the protector cap onto the tip of the penis.
  2. Roll the condom sleeve over while placing the suction bell and fit the penis head into it. Then unroll the condom sleeve over the penis shaft.
  3. The suction ball should be connected to the suction bell so you can pump and produce the traction vacuum before attaching to the belt.
  4. Attach and adjust the belt correctly by use of the buckle.
  5. For a more detailed instruction, visit the Phallosan Forte’s FAQ videos here: http://www.phallosan.com/faq/video-faq.html

The device should be worn at least 12 hours a day, every day for at least 6 months to get permanent results. When used less than the prescribed period, retraction in length and girth can still happen even if you’ve already achieved some increase in size after just a few months. You can wear the device during the day or during the night, whichever will suit your schedule and types of activities.

It is important to note that the device should be cleaned every after use. The belt can be hand-washed and the small parts can be rinsed with soap water. Just don’t forget to apply baby powder on the silicone parts after drying or before wearing to maintain its stretch quality.

Phallosan Forte Discount and Where To Buy

Beware of any Phallosan Forte for sale on eBay or Amazon because many fake products are sold on these sites. The surefire way of obtaining genuine Phallosan Forte is to purchase it directly from the official Phallosan website. Buying products that could be fake from other sites might only harm you and damage your penis. Purchasing through the official legit website gives you the following 6 benefits:

  1. Guaranteed genuine products
  2. You can avail of their Phallosan Forte discount of USD 100 or more
  3. Get the Phallosan Forte App for free
  4. Two-year warranty with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  5. Discreet packaging and fast delivery
  6. No customs duties for deliveries in the U.S. and most European countries

You can access the official Phallosan website here: www.phallosan.com

Before you buy the product, please read the short review below to give you an idea if Phallosan Forte is really right for you and your penis enlargement or extension goals.

Phallosan Forte Review

The thought of wearing a device that uses vacuum traction for stretching might seem daunting at first. Factors such as comfort, ease of use, safety and hygiene are important to consider in choosing the right penis extender device. Truth is, there are some devices that are actually uncomfortable and difficult to wear. There have also been reports of devices falling off from the users’ pants, which can be really embarrassing. All these things could make you skeptical about trying Phallosan Forte.

Surprisingly, Phallosan Forte is able to beat those odds of discomfort and embarrassment. When properly worn, this device is a breeze to wear, remains unnoticeable under your pants, and doesn’t fall off easily despite the traction applied. This is because Phallosan Forte is designed for gentle stretching, so the product is physically engineered to reduce too much tension that can cause the device to snap off or constrict blood circulation around the waist and hips.

The device parts are also made of medical, high-grade, allergen-free materials that cause minimal to no side effects at all. The silicone material is hypoallergenic, so you won’t feel any itching or burning sensations around your penis while wearing it compared to other devices that use latex rubber in their products.

The protector cap is highly stretchable, so you can fit it around the penis perfectly. Keep in mind that a perfect or snug fit is important for extender devices. If the cap and sleeve don’t fit right around the penis, the tension will be ineffective and might cause the device to slip off or cause abrasive friction around the penis that can irritate the skin. Using a highly stretchable protector cap and condom sleeve that you can easily manipulate to achieve perfect fitting will not only enhance the effectiveness of the stretch tension but will also protect your penis from redness and irritations.

Phallosan forte also has a sleek design that makes it comfortable to wear and unnoticeable under your jeans. The belt may only become visible if you wear low-waist swimming trunks. And because the belt is stretchable and the suction parts are gentle yet secure, it is unlikely to snap loose and fall off while being worn. The only time that it could happen is when the user applies traction or tension beyond the prescribed range or limit. Going beyond the limit can also cause swelling of the penis and impaired circulation.

The following are the results that you can expect after wearing the Phallosan Forte consistently for at least 6 months:

  • Increased penis length of up to 1.9 inches
  • Increased erection length of up to 1.9 inches
  • Increased penis girth of up to 0.9 inch

Achieving your desired results will give you the following benefits:

  • Improved sexual function and performance
  • Increased level of self-esteem or confidence
  • Improved relationship satisfaction and ties
  • Increase in overall health


Phallosan Forte is a penis extender device that cannot work on its own—the user has to use it properly according to its optimal working capacity. This device is for you if:

  • You are someone who wishes to have any penile problem fixed through gentle stretching and support
  • You have latex allergies
  • You are looking to improve your penile size using a non-invasive yet effective method
  • You are someone who expects realistic results

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However, if you don’t like waiting for 6 months and you expect your penis to grow dramatically bigger than naturally possible, then you might want to consider other options like surgical transplants. Phallosan Forte is the best penis extender device for men who are realistic and want to keep things as natural as possible. If you are interested to buy it, take advantage of the soon to expire Phallosan Forte discount.

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