Slim Weight Patch Coupon Code, Review & Pros and Cons

Does Slim Weight Patch Plus Work? Review, Pros and Cons & Where to Buy

Is Slim Weight Patch Plus Right for You?

Finding a safe alternative to weight loss medication is now easier and more affordable, thanks to the many dietary supplements and pills available in the market. Still, these supplements aren’t as safe and without side effects as they all tout to be. It is to address this concern that Slim Weight Patch Plus was developed.

Essentially, Slim Weight Patch Plus is a patch stuck on your skin to draw out and burn the underlying fat cells. It works like a direct-acting weight reduction tool and can be considered as a safer substitute to taking oral dietary supplements.

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Slim Weight Patch Coupon Code, Review & Pros and Cons

What is Slim Weight Patch Plus?

If you are serious about taking a safe and healthy approach to weight reduction, you should add Slim Weight Patch Plus to your arsenal. By being a transdermal patch, Slim Weight Patch Plus bypasses the inconvenience of chugging capsules or diet pills multiple times per day. Plus, Slim Weight Patch Plus ingredients are readily absorbed on the skin compared to those taken by mouth.

Slim Weight Patch Plus works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. By choosing this approach, you do not need to fully devote your time in only exercising or planning your caloric intake. You can go easier on yourself by exercising and eating healthily just enough since you have your Slim Weight Patch Plus to fall back on.

How Does the Slim Weight Patch Plus Work?

The Slim Weight Patch Plus patches work through the skin. The patch ingredients are absorbed by the skin’s outer epidermal layer then carried over deeper and deeper until it reaches the subcutaneous layer. This is the body fat layer that protects us from cold temperatures. When the fat burning blend of substances found inside the patch reaches the subcutaneous layers, they burn the fat cell components away.

When fat cells are burned, their waste products can be released in the form of sweat or through the bloodstream. In effect, the reduction in the number of fat cells will translate to a shapelier, more toned body, and a visible reduction of body fat.

Benefits and Cons of Slim Weight Patch Plus


  • Dramatic Reduction in Body Fat
  • More Toned Muscles
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased Metabolism to Further Help Burn Fat Stores
  • Convenient Application
  • No Need for Prescriptions
  • Increases Muscle Weight
  • All-Natural and Safe Weight Loss Alternative
  • 100% Customer Guarantee
  • Free Worldwide Shipping


  • Can be pricey if you will only purchase one box at a time

Slim Weight Patch Plus Ingredients

Slim Weight Patch Plus is backed by a powerful and scientifically proven fat-burning RX Blend that actively helps burn fat away. This preparation is composed of flaxseed oil, zinc citrate, zinc pyruvate, L-carnitine, and lecithin.

These fat-targeting ingredients aren’t the only substances that make Slim Weight Patch Plus an effective weight loss patch. It is also made up of the following equally useful components: 5-HTP, Yerba Mate extract, guarana extract, and Fucus Vesiculosus extract.

The combination of safe and naturally-sourced fat-burning and appetite-suppressing ingredients that constitute each Slim Weight Patch Plus makes it a formidable and effective product.

Slim Weight Patch Plus Price

Slim Weight patches are sold in boxes consisting of 30 patches each box. The suggested retail price for one box is at $88, but great news! Orders made at the official website are discounted for a limited time offer.

For one box ordered at the official Slim Weight Patch Plus site, this will only cost you $53.95 per box. This means you’ve saved $34.05.

If you order three boxes, this will only cost you $141.96 AND you will get 1 box for free. This means you save about $90.04 for 4 boxes of Slim Weight Patch Plus!

If you prefer to bulk order or combine orders with your friends, the Maximum Fat Loss Package is right for you. With the Maximum package, you will get 4 boxes plus 2 boxes free, all for $193. 98. (This saves you and your friends, about $123.02!)

Now isn’t this a good deal or not?

To ensure that all customers are well-cared for, all orders of three or more boxes are shipped for free. The website offers free worldwide shipping and orders are enclosed in discrete packaging to ensure privacy.

Another thing that you should remember is that orders are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, just return it within 30 days from purchase and you will be refunded with all your money.

Is There a Slim Weight Patch Coupon Code?

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It’s easy to forego Slim Weight Patch Plus as just another slimming pill fad. But no! For one, Slim Weight Patch Plus is not a pill, it’s a patch and that should make heads turn around and reexamine how a patch can be so effective in helping reduce weight without all those other side effects. So how about you, have you finally decided to try the Slim Weight Patch Plus?