PhenQ Review: Does This Fat Burner Work?

The All-In-One Solution to Weight Loss?

PhenQ has been the biggest buzz on the internet. It has received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied users.

It’s been giving people great results because of its ability to increase metabolism and thermogenesis (the production of heat in humans and animals).

This weight loss supplement has clinically proven active ingredients that can boost your energy, suppress your appetite, burn fat, prevent fat production, improve your mood, and best of all – you get results.

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First Things First

You must understand that no fat-burning pill or any weight loss supplement has ever been created to give results without you putting in a little bit of work.

You can lose weight by taking supplements, but you still have to exercise and have a weight loss diet. You can’t just eat junk foods and skip exercise while expecting the pill to create a miracle.

When buying any weight loss supplement, it’s a good practice to check the ingredients if they are:

  1. Of High Quality
  2. Synergistic

Individual ingredients work together to produce better results.

  • Contained in sufficient amounts

When you're ingesting these ingredients, it is important to take them in sufficient amounts; otherwise, the quality or the effectiveness won’t matter.

  • Backed by clinical studies, especially the primary ingredients

The primary ingredients in any supplement are those contained in high amounts.

Here is the purpose of each ingredient, the clinical studies behind them, and the secret ingredient (a-Lacys Reset) in this weight loss supplement.

Capsimax Powder

The first and the most important component of any fat-burning product that you must consider when buying one. This is the ingredient that when you ingest is going to attack all the fat that your body has accumulated.

Calcium Carbonate

While Capsimax powder attacks stored fat, this second component prevents fat buildup. It is necessary for fat-burning products to prevent any more accumulation of fat in your body. It would be pointless if your body is burning fat and then accumulating them the next day.

Chromium Picolinate

What it does is suppress your appetite (especially sugar and carbs). However, you still need to maintain a proper diet and have a recommended calorie intake for your body to function normally on a daily basis. Your extra cravings for snacks are the ones that will be suppressed.


This is an ingredient that you see in a lot of fat-burning products and the reason is that it is an energy booster. It helps boost your metabolism, reduces fatigue, and helps to improve exercise.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-carnitine Fumarate is present in a lot of fat-burning products as well. Without it, caffeine will not do its job effectively. For fat to be actually used as energy, it needs to be brought to the mitochondria (via L-carnitine Fumarate). The mitochondria is the only place in your body where fat can be burned.

The Secret PhenQ Ingredient

The people behind this weight loss supplement call this ingredient “a-Lacys Reset”. No one knows exactly what this secret ingredient really is because the manufacturers want to keep it confidential. They don’t want to get ripped off by other companies.

What matters is that clinical studies on this ingredient are fascinating. Participants were asked to take the pill for a month or two. Their body fat percentage was measured before and after the test to see how much they’ve lost.

Generally, the standard results are 2 to 4 percent. On really good fat-burning products, the results are between 5 and 6 percent.

With PhenQ, as a result of putting a-Lacys Reset into the formula, clinical studies showed a decrease of about 7.24 percent on all of the participant’s body fat.

The studies went from 4 to 6 weeks. Considering that the studies were 6 weeks long, if you were to lose more than 7% of your body fat, that is truly amazing.

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The Pros

  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Powerful formula that acts as a fat blocker, appetite suppressant, and fat burner
  • Helps lose weight quickly
  • Increases energy
  • Elevates mood
  • No known side effects
  • Is a Doctor Trusted brand
  • Excellent user reviews

The Cons

This fat burning product is proven to be safe and has no side effects, but it is not recommended for people who:

  • Are allergic to Caffeine
  • Have sleep problems
  • Are pregnant
  • Are nursing mothers


Keep in mind that this is not a miracle pill. Just like other weight loss supplements, you still have to exercise moderately and have a decent diet to get results.

The good thing about it is that it contains various clinically proven fat-burning ingredients.

These individual ingredients are effective on their own, but putting them all together makes an even more potent fat-burning product. You no longer have to buy different weight loss supplements, all you need is PhenQ to be fit and stay fit.

FAQ – How PhenQ Helps with Effective Weight Loss

How does PhenQ work to help me lose weight?

In order to achieve weight loss, you have to lose fat, control your food intake, and increase your energy levels. Most weight loss products help you do only one of these. PhenQ, however, is formulated with powerful ingredients that address all three components of weight loss. By using PhenQ, you have better chances of losing weight effectively.

What ingredients are included in PhenQ’s formulation?

PhenQ uses only ingredients that are 100% safe and natural. It does not contain phentermine. If you want detailed information about PhenQ, you can simply go to its official website.

PhenQ is so safe that you do not even need a prescription to make a purchase.

How is PhenQ taken?

PhenQ is easy to use. You simply take one pill with breakfast and another one with your lunch. It is best not to go over this recommended dosage.

PhenQ helps to boost energy. It contains caffeine and other similar ingredients to do this. If you do not want to interrupt your usual sleep schedules, it is best not to take PhenQ after 3 in the afternoon.

If you are caffeine-sensitive, you may find it prudent to limit your coffee intake while using PhenQ.

How are PhenQ pills packaged?

PhenQ comes in bottles containing 60 pills each. You take a couple of pills each day so each bottle will last you for a full month.

Other weight management products package their pills in bottles containing only 30 pills each, a supply that will last only for two weeks. You have to get two bottles every month.

You can also buy PhenQ in its two-bottle promo package which gives you one bottle free. Most customers opt to get this package. They get a full supply for three months but pay the price for only two bottles.

Is the prolonged use of PhenQ safe?

Only natural ingredients are included in the formulation of PhenQ. The product is safe to use. It has no adverse side effects. You can use PhenQ until you reach your target weight.

Once you have lost all the excess weight you want to lose, you can decide to discontinue your use of the product. You can also keep on using it to help you stay at your desired new weight. Some customers who start regaining weight simply go back to the PhenQ program until they feel confident that they have their weight under control once again.

What side effects does PhenQ have?

PhenQ is a dietary supplement made from all-natural ingredients. It has a reliable safety record. It has no documentation of adverse side effects.

If you have any medical problems, however, it is best for you to get your doctor’s approval before taking PhenQ.

Is PhenQ effective for both men and women?

Yes! PhenQ is effective for males and females.  Anybody can use PhenQ to lose excess weight and maintain the desired weight.

I am a vegetarian. Can I use PhenQ?

Yes! You can use PhenQ even if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. The product’s unique formulation includes 100% vegan/vegetarian ingredients.

Are there individuals who should not be taking PhenQ?

PhenQ is contraindicated for people who are pregnant and lactating. It is also not recommended for individuals who are below 18 years old.  People who have other medical conditions or are taking prescription medicines are strongly advised to seek the counsel of their doctors before taking PhenQ.

Can you expect a drug-interaction with PhenQ?

PhenQ contains only safe natural ingredients. It is not likely to interact with any medications. However, if you are presently taking other medications, it may be prudent for you to consult your doctor first before you use PhenQ.

I am presently taking oral contraceptives. Is it safe for me to take PhenQ?

It is safe to use PhenQ even while you are taking oral contraceptives. PhenQ will not affect the effectiveness of the contraceptives.

How do I get the best results from PhenQ?

Research indicates that you need an average of sixty days to form new habits and break free from old ones. Taking these findings into account, it is recommended that you start by ordering enough PhenQ pills to last you for two months. Each bottle of PhenQ contains sixty pills – enough for a month’s supply of the recommended two-pills-a-day dosage. Purchasing two bottles will work just fine to deliver the best results.

To make things even better, you get one bottle free if you order two bottles of PhenQ. If you need to get rid of a lot of excess weight, you can opt for the multi-buy package where you buy three bottles of PhenQ – and get two bottles for free. Combining the use of three bottles of PhenQ with a sensible exercise-and-diet program, you should be able to reach your desired weight in three months. You can use the two remaining bottles to help you maintain your new weight.

How do I purchase PhenQ?

You can get your supply of PhenQ from the product’s official website You can use American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Skrill for your transactions.

There are cheap imitation products that some people may be misled into buying. To guarantee that you are getting genuine PhenQ pills, buy only from the official PhenQ website.

Can I get my PhenQ pills shipped to my house?

PhenQ can be delivered anywhere you live. PhenQ maintains convenient warehouses in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Your orders can be dispatched after 24 to 48 hours from order placement so that you get your pills without delay. Shipping is free.

How do I pay for my orders?

You can choose from several convenient payment methods to make your purchase of PhenQ. You can use American Express, Visa, or Mastercard. You can also opt to pay through Skrill.

PhenQ uses a 256-bit encrypted checkout order to guarantee that all orders are processed safely and securely.

Are there discounts or bonuses I can get when I buy PhenQ?

PhenQ offers special packages that enable you to enjoy huge savings. You can buy two bottles of PhenQ and get a bottle for free. You can also buy three bottles and get two extra bottles for free.

When you purchase PhenQ, you have access to downloadable guides to help you in your weight loss journey. You have access to detox programs, diet plans, nutrition and exercise tips, and meal plans among others.

Do PhenQ pills come with a money-back guarantee?

You do not have anything to lose when you decide to use PhenQ. The purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can send back the unused pills in their original package within 67 days after receipt and you can get your money back.